Listen to the radio interview on KKVV with R.Joshua Collins by clicking on the link below

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Click on the link above to listen to the December radio interview on KKVV 1060am in Las Vegas with Activist/Musician/Author/Apostle R.Joshua Collins discussing his free book, “One Nation Under Gold” which discusses his many arrests for preaching in Las Vegas, and the laws being broken by many Las Vegas police and judges there. You can get this free book by scrolling down to the bottom of this website and downloading the PDF file provided at the link for, “One Nation Under Gold.” Please pray this book reaches millions, as well as the free Christian music CD, “A Brighter Day.” Thanks so much for your prayers, and to contact R. Joshua Collins please email or call (714)512-9848. GOD bless you!


Check out this video link for your encouragement in CHRIST. Apostle R. Joshua Collins has been jailed over 30 times for preaching and peacefully protesting government greed/corruption and attacks on the homeless in Las Vegas. An ex-math instructor, he was called to sell all and give to the poor and follow JESUS, and has been traveling over ten years with not much more than a backpack. He has been jailed in most every city he has been in for preaching GOD’s Word. Check out the free book and CD at the bottom of this website. We pray it is a blessing to you. For prayer,comments, or questions, or if you would like to get involved in or help in this ministry please email or call (714)512-9848. We would love to hear from you!

WARNING! Sexual sin and greed leads to Hell.

WARNING! Sexual sin and greed leads to Hell. Be sober, Don’t curse, smoke, gamble or lie. I want you in heaven! Follow JESUS, not Satan. Help the needy and homeless if you can, JESUS was homeless too(See Luke 9:58)! I was arrested for preaching, and many Las Vegas officials are guilty of Treason for promoting sin and vice, while at the same time claiming innocent and virtue. Join this ministry, we can certainly use your help! Share this website, it has free music and a free book that I pray will be a blessing to you! Contact me at (714)512-9848 or email if you have any questions, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Sincerely in CHRIST JESUS,

R. Joshua Collins


Just so you know,

Psalm 78:69 tells us, ” And he built his sanctuary like high palaces, like the earth which he hath established for ever.”

So don’t worry, the world will not literally be destroyed, but those who destroy the earth will be destroyed according to the book of Revelation.  GOD is already causing permanent changes in the earth that will cause the earth to be liberated from corruption and decay as promised in Romans Chapter 8. So don’t worry about the world being blown up by nuclear bombs. The Bible doesn’t teach that, and neither do I.  For more information on end time events feel free to contact me by email at

Sincerely in CHRIST JESUS,

Roussan Joshua Collins